We Deliver Assurance that Your System is Running Optimally

New operational requirements, new regulations and/or new technologies could result in your current I&C system falling short of current standards if not outright obsolete. Alternatively, new problems can emerge that require addressing immediately. In either case, GSG offers the expertise and capabilities to assure that your I&C system performs optimally.

Remediation & Updating


No matter how great your I&C system was when it was installed, it may now be obsolete by today’s standards… or not. GSG can provide a top-to-bottom validation of all aspects of your current installation—considering issues of performance, cost and timing—to help you make the optimal decision on what to update.


Included in this service are:


  • Computer system validation
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Operational qualification
  • Performance qualification


Our team offers the range of expertise needed to make those identified required updates. Most important for you is the assurance we provide that your update plan will be performed correctly. The fact that our lean, hands-on operation allows us to do it for less than others is a nice bonus.

Onsite Troubleshooting & Support


If your I&C system is failing to perform as required, GSG can help you quickly get to the bottom of it. Our independent expert analysis will provide the objective answers you need to fully understand the scope of the problem and what’s required to fix it.


Our own skilled technicians can handle most troubleshooting scenarios on their own. But we can also tap our network of highly trained specialists when necessary. So we’re able to quickly deploy a team to get your I&C system back on track as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible. And we can deploy these same resources to provide regular maintenance or other system support any time you require.